Wednesday, February 29

Homebrew I+: English Pale Ale, Revisited

Pictured is my final pint of English Pale Ale, brewed last September and poured and consumed tonight. (Yes, Butch, I hoard my homebrew -- yours, too; there's a bottle of your second batch of Autumn Amber in my fridge, if you're interested.) You may recall that my big complaint was that the beer wouldn't pour or hold a head (as shown in the photo below, which accompanied my original post).

Now four months later, the last two bottles poured with a creamy, persistent layer of delicious foam that lasted the entire glass. Are my glasses finally clean? Or does it get that much better with age? Oh, but they were good, friends -- cheers!


  1. HA! Butch will be VERY surprised that you actually have one of his first AAs left! I'll bet it's delicious, as it was even at the time! Beer never lasts that long around HERE! :)

  2. Second batch of Autumn Ale...the ones I was hoarding from his first batch didn't last the fall!