Sunday, April 21

Pre-Big Brew Day Buzz: Miriam/Marian Beer?

Mary and Jesus at home, from The Passion of the Christ (2004)
The following exchange is excerpted and edited from a (much) longer email exchange about our upcoming Big Brew Day on Saturday, May 4. This is what Catholic brewers act like when they get punchy...the highlight, of course, is the mini-homily delivered by Fr. Richards. Well done, Father!

Karl: "If we brew in May, we should also honor Mary. (May is the month for Mary.) Should we have a contest to see who can brew something that Mary would like? We could call it Miriam Beer."

Jim: "That's a good idea -- although I'm fuzzy on how to judge that contest...  :-P"

Karl: "Well, if we ask all women named Mary? (Just kidding.) Otherwise, we could just ask Father Richards to judge. (This is only a hypothetical idea -- I am NOT 100% serious. LOL)

Jim: "I'm thinking of calling the beer I just bottled Crown of Creation Irish Draught Ale for the occasion -- or brewing some Morning Star Breakfast Stout -- hail, Mary!"

Tom: "Wow, is it that good?"

Jim: "Maybe not quite, but branding counts with beer -- consider the swill the general population drinks by the barrel...  :-)"

Mike: "Private revelation only: She prefers 90 Shilling. Sorry, guys."

Fr. Richards: "I'm pretty sure Mary would like any beer you would brew for her (in moderation, of course). She is always very encouraging to her sons, you know. It is like a son (albeit under 10) picking a wilted dandelion for his mom. It’s the gesture, not the quality. But, then again, you are adult sons, so make it good!"

Tom: "Great email, Father. I laughed out loud."

Karl: "I loved the email also. It made me want to look up a beer recipe. I found one that uses rose hips (in honor of Mary), orange peel, and coriander."

Laura: "Fr. Richards, you are so completely awesome. That is all."

Michael: "Laura, who do you go to for confession?"

Laura: "Wait, I'm supposed to go to confession??? ;)"

Michael: "Sorry, Laura, I forgot who I was talking to -- never mind."

Fr. Richards: "Karl started it. It’s his fault!"

Laura: "It's always safe to blame Karl -- hahaha! Hey, dudes...'Mary' means 'bitter' -- I think she'd be a little put out if you DIDN'T make some good beer during her month! Hops. Keep your beer 'pure' of yucky stuff, and then also add a richness and depth of flavor. Mary helps to keep you pure and will add a richness and depth to your life. Just sayin'.  :)  Also...I will volunteer to be the tasting judge of the Marian Beer contest. My middle name is Maria.''

Karl: "Wow, I walk away from the computer for a little bit, now I'm to blame. I'll take credit for this since brewing a beer for Mary is a good thing."

The Son's love for his mother, from The Passion of the Christ (2004)

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