Sunday, October 14

Brew Session and Upcoming Events

I forgot to take photos, but here's a quick summary of our brew session and possible upcoming events discussed at the club meeting yesterday.

Brew session
We gathered at Nielsens garage around 1 p.m. Karl brewed two full all-grain batches: a Spotted Cow cream ale clone and an imperial stout, both all-grain batches from Midwest Supplies. Butch and silent auction winner Joe D. brewed Joe's beer, Cologne Kolsch, an extract kit from Midwest -- which came off without a hitch. I was there, and prospective new members and St. Michael parishioners Trevor G. and Michael P., and Butch's neighbor Mike, also stopped by. We sampled my St. Paul Porter (extract kit from Northern Brewer) and Kulmbacher Eisbock, an unusual, strong, and sweet German beer I inherited from my dad, who has kept in in his well pit for years now.

Possible upcoming events

  • November: We need to pick a Friday for a field trip to Steel Toe Brewing (tours at 6 and 7 p.m. Fridays, no reservation needed; free tasting; appears to be no charge) and The Four Firkins beer store (open 'til 9; beer tasting after 6 p.m.) -- plus Midwest, if need be, since they're all close to each other.
  • Saturday, Dec. 1: Town Hall Brewery tour -- $7 per person for a brewery tour, samples, a pint of beer, a Town Hall sample glass, and 10% off meals -- first Saturday of the month; reservation required. I will let them know we want to do this since space is limited -- we'll need to see who wants to come.
  • February: Try to schedule a Theology on Tap tasting and speaker event -- could make it a couples thing. I plan to see if Deacon Nevin (also a brewer, I believe) would speak.

Further updates
As of this morning, Butch says Joe D.'s Kolsch is fermenting nicely; they are planning to transfer next Saturday at Butch's, and bottle hopefully the following weekend at my place. This afternoon I bottled 51 12-oz bottles and five big bottles of English Pale Ale from Hanover Wine and Spirits and Brew Supplies for the upcoming Catholic Man Night.

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