Monday, May 6

New Friends, New Beers:
The Not-So-Big Brew Day Update

 Transferring John's wort to his primary...
National Homebrewing Day dawned damp and gray in Minnesota -- and the Bottomless Pint crew was torn between brewing and celebrating the ordination of local seminarian Paul Shovelain to the transitional deaconate -- one step away from the Catholic priesthood, God willing. Turnout for our brewing day was consequently light.

I opted for a bit of both events: I slipped down to the Basilica of St. Mary in Minneapolis for Deacon Paul's ordination, then home and to our president's garage for brewing and sampling. I brewed Northern Brewer's Brunch Stout kit -- another delicious-sounding ale made with Maris-Otter malt (along with Belgian candi syrup and French roast coffee). Butch helped first-time brewer John, who came with his father Ron and the Hank's Hefeweizen kit from Midwest Supplies. I'm fairly certain this is the first time any of our men has brewed either of these kits, so we'll have to schedule a tasting later this spring!

We were also joined by two other Rons -- Ron from Albertville, whom Fr. Richards recommended to our ranks, and Ron from Rogers, who found us online. Both brought beers to sample: a easy-drinking Pilsner Urquell clone and a nicely peaty Scottish Export ale, respectively, to complement the Irish Draught Ale that I brought. Those brews, some sourdough pretzels, and some delectable pepper-jack beef sticks supplied by the Rogers contingent, made for an enjoyably warm afternoon, despite the weather. Wish you were there!

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